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August 02, 2005



I'm pretty sure Coca Cola still uses those leaves in their product. Ever notice in England how every can of coke has a warning saying, "Contains vegetable extracts"? I always wondered what vegetables had been hidden in there...

Still, let's see if we can prove this via the internets. Anyone have a better set of sites than the ones I listed?


Again, to clarify.

Coca Cola DOES continue to import approximately six tons of coca leaves annually to support its trademark flavorful kick. Still.

Senor Flex

Wait, doesn't this prove my point?

I'm not saying they got rid of the coca leaves from the original formula because of its harm. No kidding it was hysteria - I figured that part was obvious. But regardless of the reason, it means coca-cola isn't currently interested in coca leaves. Thus making AK's point - yet again - bullshit.

And scholarly sources? Ha! This is maybe the 3rd time I read this site. Who cares anyway.


Just to clarify for Senor Flex.

Coca Cola removed the combination of kola nuts (which have effects similar to those of coca) with coca leaf extract NOT because the leaves themselves were addictive. Rather, this occurred in the early 1900s, when it was becoming publicly knows that cocaine was addictive and generally harmful. In short, the removal of coca from the original formula was the result of a growing (and valid) social aversion to cocaine "the drug" confused with it's natural, unprocessed ingredient, the leaf. If you have any more doubts, consider that the original drink contained a teeny tiny fraction of the chemical in the leaf used in contemporary cocaine processing - not enough to have any real effect on a bug, much less a human.

I believe this supports the whole POINT of this post, namely that equating the coca leaf with America's big old cocaine problem is ignorant at best.

Next time, I would hesitate to cite the Food Network in any argument when scholarly sources are so plentiful...


So yesterday I was watching the food network and watched the history of coca-cola. Seems in the early 1900s, when it was discovered that coca leaves were addictive and harmful, the owners of coca-cola changed their recipe from coca to sugar - and its been that way ever since.

Hmm kinda makes your whole point complete bullshit.

Looking forward to reading more anti-US propaganda once you collect some more US-earned dollars and go back on the road.

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