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May 03, 2005



I would only go to Potosi during the Ch'utillos Festival in late August. It's like Carnaval without the water balloons and foam. I saw the best folkloric group ever that weekend.


great layout, nice photos, in brazil myself, must start a blog. main reason for commenting - my brother is in south america and would like to take the inca trail to machu pichu, prices are very high - 1300 dollars, any advise you can give.


Maybe Potosí was more like Detroit, instead of West Virginia?

And as to the other commenters, it´s true, I have never been anywhere but Cancún, ever, how did you know? Also, I should never express an honest opinion about an experience, because maybe it will offend someone.

If there is something I have written that you don´t like, please comment and make a clear point, and we can all learn something new. I look forward to everyone´s opinion here.

Comment Spam and be banned.

Andy S.

I honestly didn't see a problem with this town... until you said they had Scorpions live on loop. Everybody knows that the live version of "Rock You Like a Hurricane" on this DVD is vastly inferior to the version on "Scorpions: World Wide Live" and the bootleg of "Scorpions w/ Krokus: Live at Fillmore West". To say nothing of their lackluster non-threatening guitar licks on "We'll Burn the Sky". And how could they even get the fire started with this version of "Winds of Change" blowing so hard.

Anyway my point is that you bury the lede in this post. It should have been "Why I hate Scorpion Live". This town sounds peachy by comparison.

Miguel (MABB)

What are you talking about. West Virginia has some of the most beautiful sights I have seen. The mountains are amazing. Nature is just wonderful.

As for Potosi, the city rivaled once London on the amount of traffick. It was once called the Imperial Village. It was one of the richest places in the Americas.

You got to go back again, and this time in daylight. ;-)

Don Ball

Oh, the pain...(he says in his best Dr. Smith).

If a person doesn't have a story like this, then they probably haven't stepped out side the U.S. or at least haven't ventured outside the all-inclusive resort in Cancn.

Of course, very few of us could ever recount our own tales of woe as powerfully as you have. Your story made me glad not to be you (at least for the moment, until your next post).

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