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March 31, 2005



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I hate that bittersweet song, hate it.

Joe C

Just checking in to make sure you're still alive. Glad to see that MOST of the vomiting you've done has been self induced. Stay safe. It may just be me, but I can't read the name of that town out loud without thinking of that rediculously stupid song from the late 90s. YA YA YA COCO JUMBO. YA YA YEY. Hey, say that three times Austin and I may have found a replacement for....BITTERSWEET!!!!!! SO SWEET THEN BITTA. BITTA THEN SWEET!!! You love it.


wah wah wah

the real world is calling you to rejoin the rat race.........


word. I expected the usual hate for American policy, but these guys where elaborate and particularly venomous. To be expected, I guess.

Maybe Sucre will be a different story...

Miguel (MABB)

You are abslutely right. I was also DECEIVED by CEDIB. The first time I was in their website I thought I found a source of information, but it took me just five minutes to realize they had a very obvious agenda. I was so pissed I wrote them an email complaining that, while they have all the right to express their oppinion, at least they should have de decency of naming themselves accordingly.

On the side though, it is in vogue to hate americans, pretty much all over the world. I get plenty of heat over here in Germany.

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Books I Have Read Abroad

  • paulo Cuelho: el alquimista
    Another book everyone RAVES about, and I only enjoyed a little bit. However, this was my very first complete novel read in Spanish, and I'm pretty proud of that. (**)
  • Khaled Hosseini: the kite runner

    Khaled Hosseini: the kite runner
    I don't know why so many other travellers in South America are reading this, and love it so much. I thought it a bit contrived, and written at an overly dramatic level. (**)

  • Jon Lee Anderson: Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life
    After reading this book, I respect Che for his conviction, as opposed to his actions, and can now intelligently argue my case with any college student or South America Fidelista. Oh, by the way, it was about 800 pages long, so it is a terrible idea to take it backpacking. (*****)


  • juanes - es por ti

    es por ti
    juanes: Mi Sangre

    es por TIIIII. blah blah blah blah corazon. (*****)

  • shakira - la tortura

    la tortura
    shakira: Fijacion Oral

    I dunno if this is playing in the states, cause it is in Spanish. Go download the VIDEO from somewhere, or shakira.com. You will see frightening pectoral isolation movements. Go go Alejandro Sanz, we all wish we were you. (*****)


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  • Peaceful protests in Bolivia
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