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February 01, 2005



Jew Fro and Bobbit

american culture exported.

ginobli imported.

USA 1, Argentina 0


Time to get the hell out of dodge.


Yo he oido que las latinas no pueden resistir el "Jew Fro". Tu tienes la culpa, amigo. Ten cuidado con el novio de la idiota joven. Pienso que tu tienes que cambiar su numero de telefono y recuerda estas palabras espantosas...
Lorena Bobbit.


Ooooh, dump her 21st century stoyles, via txt or msn.


Seriously, there is no secret story on this one. I'm not leaving anything out, this is really what happened. She called twice more this morning, already. I think tonight I will just pick up the phone and 'dump' her, or whatever one might do to rid themselves of a stalker-friend-weirdo!

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Books I Have Read Abroad

  • paulo Cuelho: el alquimista
    Another book everyone RAVES about, and I only enjoyed a little bit. However, this was my very first complete novel read in Spanish, and I'm pretty proud of that. (**)
  • Khaled Hosseini: the kite runner

    Khaled Hosseini: the kite runner
    I don't know why so many other travellers in South America are reading this, and love it so much. I thought it a bit contrived, and written at an overly dramatic level. (**)

  • Jon Lee Anderson: Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life
    After reading this book, I respect Che for his conviction, as opposed to his actions, and can now intelligently argue my case with any college student or South America Fidelista. Oh, by the way, it was about 800 pages long, so it is a terrible idea to take it backpacking. (*****)


  • juanes - es por ti

    es por ti
    juanes: Mi Sangre

    es por TIIIII. blah blah blah blah corazon. (*****)

  • shakira - la tortura

    la tortura
    shakira: Fijacion Oral

    I dunno if this is playing in the states, cause it is in Spanish. Go download the VIDEO from somewhere, or shakira.com. You will see frightening pectoral isolation movements. Go go Alejandro Sanz, we all wish we were you. (*****)


Bolivian hot hits

Buenos Aries Rockin'

Bolivian Presidential Crisis 2005

  • Peaceful protests in Bolivia
    Bolivian President Carlos Mesa announces his resignation, in a move that would either polarize or save an already divided nation of Bolivia.

Stencil Graffiti Role Call - Buenos Aires

  • Cimg1495
    A growing collection of quality stencil graffiti in Buenos Aires.
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