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January 04, 2005


Lewy Benção õ/

Excuse me, but you also have prostitutes, prostitutes are more there than here in Brazil. and the most violent neighborhood in the world who does? you are. you also have slums, terrorist attacks have, we are the 2nd fastest growing country in the world, have you Less Extreme Poverty. I have friends and teachers of the United States who say that those who think this is a beautiful country that is ignorant. You are the most unpatriotic country in the world, there are millions of Americans who immigrate to Brazil to escape there. We have no atmospheric phenomena, still want to complain about Brazil? Who here has never been robbed in the United States? Yours is the country that has more drugs in America, you have more crime than Brazil, masi poverty. and besides, we are a tropical country, we have beautiful women and you fat ... Americans cry ... HAHA


Brazil has thousands of problems,I know,but I believe in my country and I recomend respect for my nation. Brazil has potencial to develop more than most of countries of europe nowadays! Our economy is growing up a lot. Brazil isn't only RIO DE JANEIRO.We have 8.5 millions square quilometers of area(one EUROPE).We have petroleum,gold,iron,steel,diamonds,big factories,industries,big and developed cities,high schools,beautifull and ugly persons like your country.we are given solution to our problems.Your country had a lot of problems like Brazil has at the past!It's a question of time!

Derick Stewart

I lived in Brazil for 7 years... the women are SOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! The men are good looking too!!! there's almost no prostituition ... I didn't see any kind of that when I was there... of course I'd like to live there forever... I love Brazil!!!

Generic Cialis

sometimes, a place have all the elemetns to feel both thing for it, as you expossesd in this post, but this only happen when you view the negative position of the life issues.

nicole shellard

I lived in Brazil for 20 years, came as a young teenager, and have finally managed to save up enough money to get the hell out of the place. I think some of the comments here are racist and ridiculous, but I have to admit that Brazil is truly a very very difficult country to live in, and I pity all that have no choice but to continue living there. I have had my house broken into a total FIVE times, and have never been well off either so it's not just the rich that are robbed, they have NO respect for fellow beings, and it's not just the thieves either. Brazilians are born survivors, but they will go to great lengths to survive, and don't care a fig if this means ruining someone else's life. It's dog eat dog out there. The women mostly hate other women, they are very competitive when it comes to men and anything goes. Being married is a nightmare unless your husband never leaves the house... I've never seen this attitude in any other country and it really sucks. Politness is unknown except among the higher classes. Try getting a bus during rush hour to prove that! the living standards are truly atrocious unless you have tons of money. So be prepared to sweat like mad, feel freezing inside your house in winter (yes they do have frost in Sao Paulo and no, the houses do not have any form of heating). Also be prepared to be eletrocuted in the shower. My brother-in-law was killed and several of my friends were killed as well. And as for samba etc. well if you want to let your bum hang out and go juggling it around in front of married men, be my guest but I think it's revolting and above all, depreciating for women.

Samara Guanacaste lots Costa Rica

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Fuck you

I live in brazil, and I can't wait to get the fuck out there. This country sucks, brazilian people sucks, the culture sucks. As the matter of fact, brazil should be called whore house.


the fact is...
brazil was colonized by portugal.
Look, almost or every country colonized by england is a first-world country.=]


"They run around making babies like there's no tomorrow adding to the world population."

Actually, Brazil's rate of birth per woman is 2.1, while USA rate of birth is 2.2 :)

Water is not a problem around here either. Aside from very poor places (yes, we've very poor places, this is a fact no one can deny), you should not find many problems with drinking water.

Prostitution IS NOT encouraged. And I don't know Buzios, but I'm pretty sure that there it isnt either.

"They hate Americans because they are jealous"

(some) Brazilians hate americans mainly because their imperialistic way of seeing latin america. Some Brazilians hate america because of Bush administration.
And not just us, but any person in the world hate when we see someone treating ourselves like monkeys in cars. And as matter of fact, almost all Americans have the idea that every Brazilian is an stupid Latino.

"they (Americans) have lots and lots of poor and miserable people that they try to hide with a strong propaganda."

thats completely true.

Jim S.

Brazilians have a bad attitude. They hate Americans because they are jealous. They run around making babies like there's no tomorrow adding to the world population. They consume more than they produce and they have an attitude that can't be backed up with anything of real pride.

Alex Magnus

north americans are fat ugly pigs ; )

they have lots and lots of poor and miserable people that they try to hide with a strong propaganda. but hey.. i know you are lying :^D

the end is near for you.



As a brazilian, and not just defending my country, I've traveled around the world and Im in Australia at the moment. There's no perfect place in the world.I always hated america, so no comments about that place, and Europe is not as good either. I was robbed in England, but nothing ever happened to me in Brazil. And brazilian people has the best teeths from all the places I've been around the world. So, maybe the water is not that bad... I've never seen anyone encouraging prostitutes in there..But seen a lot in Switzerland. So my dear, there is problems everywhere.

brazilians are ugly

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