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December 31, 2004



I do always feel a bit rushed when I post, because there is so much to say, and at times, such expensive internet access (specially in Rio)

The hand was one of those porcelian (spelling?) hands that one might set on an end-table, and put one´s wedding band on before performing some sort of occult self sacrifice in one´s apartment.

I think normal (?) people use these hand statue thingies to display lots of jewelry, or something. Not sure though, just not sure...

Still very scary. Leyton, travelster, took some pics of the place, and hopefully I can link them or put them up later.


r e d r u m r e d r u m r e d r u m


By the way, have a great time on New Years!

Subterranean all the way for the wicker park crew!!!


This story is creepy as hell, but what does this mean? A hand?

"Next, I turned and saw a hand on the sidetable to the couch, with a RING on it. It was a wedding band. It was his, dead, wedding band."

Watch out for the moon, you guys may have contracted lycanthrophy without your knowledge. The south american kind is the worst, because you are stuck sucking the blood out of goats. Or is that latin america?

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