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Beef De Lomo

Beef De Lomo


¨This is our meat, isn´t it?¨¨

-it sure is, and it´s good. I believe mine, pictured, was 9 pesos, or $3US. Pretty good deal, I´d say. I washed it down with some sweet $1 wine bottles, and called it a good night.

They have hot dogs here, and they´re called SuperPanchos. They´re pretty bad, but then again, they weren´t so good for you in Chicago either, where I lived in smelling distance of the hot dog factory. It sounds like a joke, but it´s true. Anyway, imagine our surprise when we ordered Elissa a hot dog with everything, and instead of sport peppers, it had POTATO STICKs on it. Who remembers potato sticks? who ever though of placing them ON their hot dogs!